Friday, January 21, 2011

Buying his Fifth Copy

Andy Taggart writes about this week's book signing at Lemuria in Jackson in his blog.

I was there to buy my fifth copy of the book and to pay my respects to a man who defied the odds and the convention of his day to create a two-party system in our state.

Many, many other people obviously share my respect and admiration for Wirt Yerger, and it was very gratifying to see so many folks come out to buy his book. Even more gratifying was the recognition of the combined debt of gratitude all Republicans -- really, all Mississippians -- owe to Wirt Yerger for his and his friends' efforts half a century ago.

You can read his entire post here: Wirt Yerger's book signing

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MCJ: "Yerger informs and entertains"

Today's Madison County Journal writes about "A Courageous Cause":

Yerger recounts that decade of development in what today can arguably be called the dominant party in Mississippi politics in his new book, "A Courageous Cause: A Personal Story of Modern Republicanism's Birth from 1956 to 1966 in Mississippi."

Co-authored with writer Joseph L. Maxwell III, Yerger informs and entertains the reader through a turbulent time in Mississippi history.

Yerger and Maxwell will be signing copies of the book at Lemuria Books in Jackson on Tuesday, Jan. 18 from 4:30 p.m. until 6 p.m.

"A Courageous Cause" provides a documented first-hand account of a less examined movement occurring simultaneously to the civil rights movement in Mississippi.

Whether you are a Republican wanting to know the roots of the Mississippi GOP or intrigued by Mississippi history, this fresh look at a decade of change provides previously untold stories and insights through the experiences of Yerger, complimented with primary sources research by Maxwell.

You can read the full article here: "Yerger recounts history of state GOP in new book"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Emmerich: "fascinating reading" "significant contribution" to history

Wyatt Emmerich writes in the January 13, 2011 issue of The Northside Sun:

In his new book, A Courageous Cause, Wirt Yerger details the history of this 50-year-old battle. Northsider Joe Maxwell, co-author, does a masterful job of illuminating the passion of the day. It is fascinating reading for those interested in politics. The book is full of new insights into Mississippi's tumultuous 1950s. It is a significant contribution to our state's history.

The reader is is quickly drawn into the monopolistic cronyism of a one-party state, where the Democratic Party ruled with an iron fist and fought tooth and nail to stymie the development of two-party competition. Yerger's disgust is manifested from the beginning of the book where Yerger states, "We founded the modern Republican Party in Mississippi - the ultimate break with the old-line, racist Southern Democrats who didn't know whether they wanted to be liberal or conservative, but were vocally committed to keeping long-held, highly corrupted power."
Pick up a copy from a Northside Sun rack in Jackson and read the full column.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lemuria Book Signing: January 18 from 4:30-6:00pm

Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. will be kicking off his book signing tour on January 18 from 4:30-6:00pm at Lemuria Books in Jackson, Mississippi's Banner Hall. This will be a great opportunity to pick up an important book on the founding of the Mississippi Republican Party. Books are $24.95 and make great gifts for Republican or Mississippi history enthusiasts.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jere Nash Concurs with Taggart

The Blue of the Red/Blue Review, Jere Nash, weighs in on Wirt Yerger's new book:
I concur with Andy's recommendation of Wirt Yerger's new autobiography. Lots of great history and telling anecdotes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Andy Taggart highly recommends "A Courageous Cause"

On his Clarion Ledger blog today, author and political analyist Andy Taggart highly recommends Wirt Yerger's "A Courageous Cause."
Regardless of one's level of interest in politics, this book is highly recommended reading to anyone who wants to learn more about our state, or the state of the nation during those trying times. The Cold War, the early years of the Civil Rights Movement, Democrat efforts to abolish the GOP in Mississippi, one-sided editorializing by the Clarion-Ledger and the Jackson Daily News -- it's all in the there...This is one you'll want to read, and see to it that your teen-aged or college aged children read.
Read Taggart's post here: Wirt Yerger's New Book

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advance Copies Available Online

You can buy an advance copy of "A Courageous Cause" online now for $24.95. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. and Joseph L. Maxwell, III will be holding book signings around the state, but if you're anxious to read the book, you can order it now.